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Jul 08, 2013

"Top of the FoFs"

This report examines the holdings of third party (or unfettered) funds of funds across Europe to see which are the most popular funds and fund companies. Broader context for the funds of funds industry is provided in the report, along with an overview of the changing size and shape of this industry in Europe over more than a decade.
Mar 21, 2013

European Fund Market Review (2013)

Lipper's annual review of the European funds industry provides over 45 pages packed with sales and assets data on activity in different markets, as well as a look at which groups and products have prospered over the year. The report includes unique data on cross-border activity, as well as commentary on various issues that impact the industry over the near term and long term.
Mar 10, 2013


As of the end of December 2012 there were 31,938 mutual funds registered for sale in Europe. Luxembourg continued to dominate the fund market in Europe, hosting 8,493 funds, followed by France, where 4,973 funds were domiciled. In Q4 2012 525 funds were created in Europe. During the same period 497 funds were liquidated and 361 were merged.The results of the fourth quarter show the industry is still consolidating its fund ranges. In total, 858 funds (497 liquidations and 361 mergers) were withdrawn from the market, while only 525 new products were launched.
Jan 13, 2013

Sector Averages: The Yo-Yo Effect

An examination of the average returns of IMA sectors in the UK over the past 30 years and assessing how the best and worst performing sectors have fared in subsequent years.
Nov 29, 2012

Connection: Returns and Sales

Lipper's report examines the relationship between fund performance and net sales in the UK. Although it’s not a surprise to discover that funds with first quartile performance attract the greatest inflows, this report goes further to investigate how this relationship changes over time, sector and quartile.
Oct 04, 2012

Does the Winner Take it All?

Analysis of the concentration of flows into a small proportion of mutual funds in the European industry and exploration of the perception that this phenomenon has become more pronounced through the financial crisis. 
Sep 09, 2012

Performance Fees: Paying Your Dues?

This report examines trends in the use of performance fees by open-ended funds in the UK since the ban on such fees was lifted in 2004. As a large proportion of funds with this fee structure are Absolute Return funds, the report also analyses the differences in historical returns and risk of such funds depending on the use of performance fees. 
Jul 01, 2012

Balancing Business & Investor Interests

Lipper’s latest analysis of the European funds industry looks at the different pressures on fund management companies in balancing business and investor interests, with specific analysis of sales trends, fund costs and performance.
Jun 12, 2012

Trends in the European ETF Industry

An overview of the European ETF industry, including analysis of a so-called 'Death List' of ETFs, in other words under review for profitability reasons by fund promoters. The high concentration of the industry can be seen with fewer than 50 ETFs (46) accounting for nearly 50% of industry assets (49.1%). 310 ETFs were launched in 2011.  In Q1 2012, 62 ETFs were launched - half in the equity space. 19 bond funds were launched in the first quarter, but these have gathered 63% of assets among new ETFs.
May 23, 2012

Launches & Closures in the European Funds Industry – Q1 2012

A quarterly review of launches, liquidations and mergers in the European mutual funds industry. The results of the first quarter 2012 show that the industry still is consolidating its fund ranges.

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