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21 Jul 2014

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Equity Europe
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Growth of 10,000EUR since June, 2004 »

 Threadneedle (Lux)-Pan European Equities AE

The Growth of 10,000EUR chart includes reinvestment of dividends and capital gains, but does not reflect the effect of any applicable sales or redemption charges which would lower these figures.

Fund Profile

Fund PromoterThreadneedle
Portfolio ManagerThreadneedle Asset Management Limited
Launch Date31 Oct 1995
Geographical FocusEurope
Redemption Current0.00%
Redemption Max--
Redemption Min--

Fees, Expenses, & Minimums

Early Redemption Fee--
Initial Current--
Initial Max5.00%
Initial Min--
Regular Investments--
Irregular Investments--
Total Net Assets47.53  M EUR
Total Net Assets Date30 Jun 2014
Annual Current Charge1.50%
Annual Max Charge--
Annual Min Charge--

Investment Strategy

The Pan European Equities Portfolio seeks to achieve capital appreciation by investing principally in the equity of large companies domiciled in Europe or with significant European activities.The Portfolio may further invest in the equity securities of Smaller Companies and other securities (including fixed income securities, other equities and Money Market Instruments).

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Total Return
Consistent Return
Capital Preservation
Low Expense

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Total Return reflects the fund's historical total return performance relative to its peers. Consistent Return reflects the funds's historical risk-adjusted returns relative to its peers. The Capital Preservation is relative, rather that absolute...More »


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